Thursday, March 24, 2011

Call of Duty 2

     The second game in the astounding series was released on October 25, 2005 for PC and on November 15, 2005 for the Xbox 360 in Europe, Australia and North America. This game is set in World War II and is experienced through the perspectives of four soldiers, one in the Red Army, one in the United States Army and two in the British Army. The Xbox 360 version sold over 250,000 copies in its first week, and had sold 1.4 million copies by October 2006. In this Call of Duty there are four individual campaigns that are split into three stories, American, British, and Russian.

American Campaign
     As Corporal Bill Taylor of the 2nd Ranger Battalion, the player starts off by playing a part in D-Day, at the assault of Pointe du Hoc, to destroy a German artillery battery and hold it against a massive German counteroffensive in the following mission.

British Campaign
     The player takes control as a British soldier, Sergeant John Davis of the 7th Armoured Division. The first level has the player taking part in a sneak attack on German troops, ending with the destruction of a German supply station.

Russian Campaign
     The player controls Private Vasili Koslov of the 13th Guards Rifle Division, initially involed in the defense of Moscow from the advanced German forces.

      Once again, the American Campaign takes the cake on this one for me, but enough about my opinion what about yours right?  From now on I will have a Question of the Day, just leave a comment with your answer.
 QOTD:Which Campaign was your favorite and why?

       D-Day is a day to remember forever and should never be forgotten. Thanks to all the soldiers that are serving right now and a special thanks to those who have gave their lives to give us such a beautiful country
Stay tuned for a post on Call of Duty 3 soon!
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  1. played the hell of this game

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  5. Didn't actually play this game much. I found it got kind of old pretty quick.

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  7. this game is one of the best games of all time!!

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